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Late Sunset from the South-End Ferry

We were getting back from a day trip to Portland and got onto the 9:20 ferry to the south end of Vashon Island.  This one goes from Pt. Defiance in Tacoma to Tahlequah on the Island.  The sun sets late … Continue reading

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Airplane Mode: New York Ascent

On a recent trip from Seattle to Indianapolis, Delta had the good sense to route me through New York City because, you know, it’s on the way.  Since my connecting flight was already boarding when my first one landed, I … Continue reading

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Through the Hotel Window

This is a quick post with an image taken from my hotel room in Indy at sunset.  I’m staying in Avon, Indiana, which is just West of Indianapolis-proper, and the sunsets are usually pretty good throughout the year.  The problem, … Continue reading

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Eastern Sunset

Below is an image of the Eastern sky at sunset.  That’s right, the sun is actually setting behind the camera in this scene.  This is Tramp Harbor, shot from the East side of Vashon Island on one of the rare … Continue reading

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Photography from a Plane

I travel a lot, like, almost every other week.  Unfortunately I rarely go to interesting, exotic places.  Actually I rarely go someplace other than the place I’ve been going for the last four years – good old Indianapolis. For awhile … Continue reading

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