Zion National Park In the Spring

In the Spring of 2019, my entire family took a road trip from Washington, through Oregon and Utah, eventually to southern Arizona.  We then headed out to San Diego and drove up the Pacific Coast back home.  We had with us 2 toddlers, a baby, and, for part of the trip, 2 teenagers for the 17-day, 4100-mile journey.  This is part of that trip.

We could have planned this better.  Zion National Park is huge and diverse, and there are a lot of things to see and do.  It would be best experienced over the course of several days that included hiking and, perhaps, some camping.  We did none of that.  Instead, we allocated one day and spent most of that inside our car.

Also, it was overcast.  And we weren’t there for either golden hour near sunrise or sunset.

So, we could have planned it better.  Even so, there were still some impressive views from the road.

And we did get out of the car several times during our drive.  Since we didn’t feel it was fair for the kids to be stuck inside a vehicle the whole day, we hiked in a little bit off the road and found a nice and secluded stream.  Of couse, we weren’t prepared for this either, so, being a secluded area, we let the kids trip down to their undies and splash around in the water.

Opposite the little stream, there was a fairly shear wall of rock that Tommy decided to climb and get stuck on.  It all happened so fast, and none of the adults present were dressed to ford the stream and rescue him.  So, we figured that’s where he’d have to live from now on – on the side of a rock wall.  Fortunately, he was able to get himself down.

Spending “the day” at the park did not preclude the kids’ need for a little downtime.  So we interrupted our already limited visit with a return to the b-n-b for some naps.  We returned to the park later in the day and this time hopped on the tour bus that took us deeper inside.  Earlier in the day the lines to ride the bus were way too long to make this a reasonable option.  In the evening of a kind of crummy-weather day, we got right on.

Claire was especially looking like Cindy Lou Who at the time.  She loved riding the bus, and since we basically had the whole thing to ourselves, she could spread out a little bit.  We got out at a few of the stops to try to maximize our tour before there was no light left.  I forget which stop at which we got out and walked around quite a bit.  Our day was getting kind of long at that point, so it was a mellow time.

By the time we got back to the parking lot, the clouds had cleared enough to get a little bit of sunset light.  I’m not sure I’d describe it as a spectacular sunset in Zion National Park, but the sun was, in fact, setting and we were still inside the park.

After Zion, we drove south to Sedona.  The landscape of southern Utah into northern Arizona is probably some of the most beautiful in the country.

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