Mt. Everest Camp Flags at Disney World

I have not been to Mt. Everest, but I have been to the Animal Kingdom at Disney World.  Probably a far cry from the actual location, but I didn’t have any breathing challenges at Disney.  Here is an image of some of the camp flags at the real Mt. Everest.

Please visit WanderLust for the original.
So that’s apparently what some of the camp flags look like at the actual Mt. Everest.  When I was at the Animal Kingdom representation, I didn’t know about any of this.  I just saw all these colorful flags and scarves and other swaths of fabric hanging around and thought they looked pretty cool.  In fact, I had a hard time not taking pictures of only scenes with flags in them.

I thought the skies in Florida were bluer that I’d seen in awhile until I saw the image at top of that sky.  Is that the altitude or just a lack of pollution?

These flags are pretty much everywhere in the Asia land within the Animal Kingdom.

When we were at this park, we kept returning to the Asia land without really meaning to.  It is definitely the most photogenic area of the park.

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